Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blame it on the Alcohol: Tie Dyed Coffee Filters

It may have had us feeling a little dizzy (not really), but the rubbing alcohol we used to "tie dye" the coffee filters we colored with permanent markers wasn't wowing any of us.  We've seen lots of sharpie tie dye this summer (like this) and thought we'd give it a go with coffee filters (as we didn't have any spare t-shirts, but we have plenty of coffee filters).  Mom tried it first by rubber banding it on to a yogurt cup, but the alcohol saturated quickly and fell into the cup instead of spreading out through the filters.  So we tried it by just putting the filter on the table and it worked, but it wasn't anything spectacular.  We did find that it worked best when we covered most of the space with marker, but that only lasted the first or second coffee filter (we are king and queen of the "one mark on a page").  HOWEVER, mom refuses to call this a FAIL because we both spent a lot of time doing it (which these days is prime criteria for a successful project).  I'm sure we'll give t-shirts a go soon because mom can't stand not getting things to work the way she wants (which is likely why she spent almost 48 hours in labor with Kane until the dr. ordered an emergency c-section.  funny thing, she scheduled her c-section of me almost immediately after seeing that + sign).

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Amy said...

We've had success doing these with regular markers and water. Plus, if you put a paper towel underneath to catch the water, the paper towels get tie dyed too and (i thnk) look even better.