Friday, July 13, 2012

You Put the Lime in the ...: Watermelon Fountain

Yeah, yeah.  We know you put the lime in the coconut.  But we put ours into a watermelon fountain.  And what.

This little "craft cocktail" has been on the top of our summer bucket list and we finally got the chance in NJ to do it -- following this tutorial.  First, mom and Uncle Steve had an extended discussion in the hardware store aisle about the gravitational forces at work behind a watermelon holding in a faucet spout and the influence/necessity of a locknut.  While dad hid in the aisles pretending not to know them, they decided on a plastic spout and nut.  Then mom picked out a nice big watermelon that stood upright well on it's own (although she ended up putting it on a plate to keep it sturdy).

She cut a large hole in the top and I helped her scoop out all the melon with an ice cream scooper.  Well, actually I just ate the watermelon as she scooped it.  But you have to know your talents and I make a better supervisor than a day laborer.  Then mom used the spout to score a mark on the front bottom of the watermelon and used a screwdriver to bore through the hole.  She screwed the spout in and it held.  No locknut needed (which was good, because it didn't fit).  She tested it out with water and IT WORKED!

Mom wanted to make sure everyone could enjoy the refreshment, so she followed this watermelon mojito recipe generally, but left out the rum.  She put the rum over ice in glasses for the adults and just added the watermelon mixture to it.  And, unfortunately, it just didn't taste that great.  Likely because the mojito really needed to be muddled.  And the watermelon mixture needed to be blended a bit more.  But, she still got some fruit down our gullets and, um, made a functioning watermelon fountain!  Next up on our list is strawberry watermelon lemonade (likely with a little vodka for the adults).

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