Wednesday, July 18, 2012

99 Luftballons: Water Balloon Ice Shapes

We are protesting the heat in every way possible and this water balloon ice was a big hit with both of us (less of a big hit with daddy who opened the freezer mid-freeze and had nice bright green one explode everywhere).  Mom squirted a few drops of food color into regular balloons (water balloons break too easily), filled them up with water, tied them, shook them up to mix the color, and then froze a whole bunch for 24 hours (and it took a full 24 hours -- the ones she checked prematurely exploded, so just sit tight).  I was so excited that I wanted at them before Cami woke up from nap (and I gave up my precious "show time" to do so).  Mom put them in our water table with some water beads, but I turned the whole thing into a kitchen and decided to make several varieties of "soup" for mom to taste test. "Orange bottomed carrot soup" was mom's favorite.  Then I used the melting ones to make sculptures by boring holes into them and filling them with squished up water beads.

Cam woke up cranky and threw a fit about the purple ice not being purpley enough.  And then she mostly terrorized me by moving the ice out of my soup.  We reconciled the following day (we had enough ice balloons to last two days) and turned our party tubs turned soup pots into bath tubs (don't worry - we'll wash them before the next bday bash!).  These kept us busy for several hours two days in a row.  And if we had an extra freezer (that wasn't crammed full of Trader Joe's), we'd make them every day!

p.s. one would think the amount of nakedness going on at our house this summer would mean a significant decrease in laundry and yet, miraculously, it has not.

not purpley enough.

no soup for you!


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