Monday, July 16, 2012

We'll Be Glow-in-the-Dark: Fluorescent Bathtub Painting

We're not gonna lie.  This heat has been getting us down a bit.  We're sticky and cranky and not in the mood to go anywhere.  And we haven't been feeling much like doing anything at home either.  In an effort to get ourselves back in the game, mom busted out our trusty ol' blacklight the other day, which we usually reserve for housebound wintertime madness.  We bought some fluorescent paint from Sargent Art a while ago and hadn't used it yet.  I helped mom tape up large pieces of white art paper onto the bathtub walls, we set up our blacklight, and went to town.  I really liked making handprints, but used my sponge paintbrush to go back over for some texture.  Cam liked to use the paintbrush right off the bat and then, of course, took to painting herself (the paints are labeled non-toxic :)).  And we eventually painted the bathtub (which, to mom's relief, did not fluoresce on it's own -- likely only because our beloved cleaning crew had come just that day).  When we were all finished, mom packed up the light and simply turned on the shower.  We washed the bathtub while mom washed us.  And we are feeling our creative mojo coming back.  

can you spot my undies?

one of Cam's

see my tummy?

lights on! 

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Catoctin Mountain Mama said...

Fun idea! I'm going to have to stock up on some of that paint for those LONG Winter days. Thanks for sharing.