Friday, July 6, 2012

Lay Back Cause This is Summertime: Brigantine, NJ

Our annual trip to the beach over the holiday couldn't have come at a better time.  We missed the derecho (although NJ wasn't completely spared, we slept through it and didn't lose power), the 100+ temps (which unfortunately haven't scrammed yet), and the July 4th madness.  We kicked back at the beach ALL week long.  We'll share some fun things next week, but for now, here's some of our vacaye highlights:  fearless wave surfing by both of us; tidal pool playing; Kane collecting hermit crab pets; wildwood with our fam; shucking corn with Nona; the Green Family Olympics (more to come on that!); Kane's nightly stand-up comedy, including Cami's perfectly timed, post-punch line, fist-pumping "A-O!"; our carvel cake for "America's birthday," beach naps; realizing what the ice cream truck is; boogey boarding; and the sub-a million degree temperatures.

Hope everyone stays cool this weekend!

planning an attack on pop-pop in wildwood.

dora ice cream!

another lightening storm on our way back to brigantine.

boardwalk waffle ice cream sandwich.  worth said lightening storm.

beach strutting.

beach napping.

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