Tuesday, July 17, 2012

See Into the Trees: Forest Hills Playground

We were introduced to Forest Hills playground a few months ago by a playgroup buddy of ours (who blogs at Kaleidoscoping Chaos).  Unfortunately, at our first playgroup visit there, Kane was so ill behaved that we had to leave early.  It was pretty crowded on a late afternoon weekday and those kinds of situations are just setups for disaster for us.  So we decided to make another visit one early weekend morning when there were less kids in pre-dinner meltdown stage and mom had reinforcements (daddy).  We had a blast.  There are some nice climbing structures and a basketball court full of donated bikes and trikes.  And I love me a good swing.  Kane has never had any interest, but I always ask for "BIG SWING."  And I don't like to hold on (although if I don't, I don't get BIG SWING.  so I do).

Daddy used to live in this 'hood back in college where his house was the frequent recipient of neighbor complaints (and mom would so be the complainer now -- including calling the school directly to avoid dealing with college kids).  And he used to spend many weekend mornings crawling up to the nearby Pumpernickel's Deli for a greasy (in the best way possible) bagel sandwich.  So we decided to do just that.  Kane fell asleep in the car on the way and remained asleep on mom's lap throughout lunch.  He looked vaguely similar to the college boys at the next table nursing their headaches -- they looked like they needed their moms, too.  It was DELISH.


dora bike! (if it's pink or purple, it's dora to me)

hold on! 

grilled cheese, pizza, fries, and chips?  a carb dream (and a freshman 15)

Kane sleeping on mom's lap

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KaleidoscopingMommy said...

Actually that was my first time at Forest Hills - and Shannoh had picked it - so it wasn't really our idea! We do love, love that Pumpernickels thought - when we are trying to get our grease on - in the best way! Stay cool Kane & Cami!