Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Streets is Watching: I Spy: Photography and the Theater of the Street, 1938 - 2010 at the National Gallery of Art

A few weeks ago, mom and I spent one of our girls' mornings at the National Gallery of Art checking out the super cool I Spy: Photography and the Theater of the Street, 1938 - 2010 exhibit.  I Spy is one of our favorite games to play with mom -- usually in the car, but we've been known to try our eyes at on-foot "nature" and urban I Spy.  I'm still working on my I Spy skillz, so mom and I played kind of a reverse game -- I picked out different things in the photographs and repeatedly asked "what's that?"  If mom knew I already knew, she'd say "you tell me."  And I would.  Many of the photos in this exhibit were taken surreptitiously, but some, including some video, were taken intentionally out in the open on the street.  I particularly liked the video and watching the reactions (or lack of reaction) of people walking past the camera.  We have a good ol' time -- Kane would love it even more than Where's Waldo.

The exhibit will be at the National Gallery through August 5th.  It would be a great, relatively short trip to pop in and see it -- it's located just inside the 7th Street entrance in the West Building.  And, it may go without saying, but it's air conditioned!

There is no photography allowed in the exhibit and mom is trying (trying, dad) to put down the camera more and be in the moment, so all we have is this picture of the sweet snow cone mom bought me in the sculpture garden afterwards.  But, snowcones are pretty rad.  Especially when you drop it on the ground and mom licks the dirt off so you can finish eating it.

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Darcy said...

thanks for this post - we'll have to check it out!