Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Stamping Ground: Pirate Foam Stamps

I know, I know.  Another pirate craft.  Will it ever end?  I think mom secretly hopes it will, but then what will she do with all this pirate stuff?  Anyways, mom found some nicely sized foam stamps at Michaels on sale for $1.99 - so she snagged two sets and we tried them recently.  We tried using both fingerpaints and ink pads, the latter worked better.  But neither worked particularly well.  I think we needed to break out mom's brayer, but she has yet to donate that to the kids craft supplies.  I'm sure we'll get it eventually.  Cami really just wanted to paint herself.  It was still pretty fun and we are thinking up a good project in which we can incorporate the images we stamped.  I'm gonna make a wild guess -- a pirate project?

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