Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Halloween on the Coast Again: Mosaic Pumpkins

Having carved our pumpkins last year much too early and experienced the wrath of moldy gourds, we decided to try something different this year.  We have seen so many neat non-carving pumpkin crafts (like this and this and this), but we decided to keep it relatively low key and stick with mod podge and tissue paper.  Kane also wanted to use the fuzzy, glittery poms.  So we threw those into the mix.  We mod podged up our little pumpkins and then pasted tissue paper squares on.  This did not hold Kane's attention for very long - especially because the poms didn't stick very well.  But once mom and I decided to work together, I pasted several layers of tissue paper all over the pumpkin.  It worked best when I stuck a piece and then used my foam brush to paint over it with more mod podge.  And the small pumpkins we used worked out great.  Mom is also harboring an obsession with washi tape, so I see some washi'd pumpkins in our future.

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