Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fake Plastic Trees: Oil Pastels on Wax Paper

Mom finally let us at the oil pastels the other day -- not hers, of course, but the ones she has been saving for us until she felt like we weren't just going to eat and throw them.  Well, really until she realized that we were likely always going to do that.  So there was no point in waiting.  She thought Cami would really like drawing with these since they go on so smoothly -- especially on wax paper.  But I threw everyone for a loop and spent a pretty long time drawing with them.  The wax paper ripped easily at the edges so it took me a while to draw without tearing my drawing into pieces in the process.  I asked mom to add a pirate ship, including a crows nest, and pirates to one of my drawings.  But I really surprised mommy when I told her that I was "drawing a tree" next.  Usually I just tell her I'm "not sure" or "nothin" when she asks what I'm drawing.  She mumbled giddily about me beginning to draw pre-symbolistically.  I just told her that unless she was drawing symbolistically, she needed to make that crows nest a bit more accurate.

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