Friday, October 28, 2011

I Can Learn to Resist Anything but Temptation: Clear Crayon Resist

So the other day mom gave me a crayon to draw with, but even though I scribbled and scribbled, it didn't make any mark.  I thought "what kind of facacta art project is this?"  Then she busted out the watercolors and it all became clear.  Actually, I had forgotten about the crayon at that point but mom kept going "look, look, Cami.  your coloring!"  So I assume that it was supposed to have all become clear.  In reality, I gave her a "lady, what?" look and kept on painting.  Mom said it wasn't a big hit at Kane's preschool either.  What does she expect?  She doesn't practice the principle of delayed gratification well at all.  Not sure why she was surprised.  But I still had a good time.

hmm.  this crayon doesn't seem to work either.

what the heck, mom?

ahh, yes.  i see it.  (what is she talking about?)

i'll just keep painting.  maybe she'll pipe down.

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