Monday, October 24, 2011

Someone Told Me It's All Happening at the Zoo: Boo at the Zoo

I have been waiting for Boo at the Zoo all week long.  Last year I wised up to "trick or treating" and I knew I had to be on my game this year.  And I was super excited to get to wear my green pirate costume again so soon after my birthday.  I insisted on the full get up, including the earring, ring, and three weapons (when mom gave me my sword and dagger from Renn Fest to put in my sash, I informed her I also needed Grammie B's "cutlass" she left at my party).  We got there nice and early and mom sent daddy and me off for treats.  She meandered a little more slowly with Cami, Aunt Carrie and Cousin Jack.  But somehow they still ended up with the same number of treats.  Hmm.  Mom was disappointed in the lack of snow cones this year, but I made out like a bandit.  And even though the meerkats were hiding, all of the gorillas were up and showing off.  It was awesome.

We hope you didn't miss Boo at the Zoo this year.  But, if you did, check out this astonishing list of Halloween activities from KidFriendly DC.  We had no idea there was this much to do.  We already planned on hitting up Udvar-Hazy next weekend, but I hope we can fit a few more of these in.  No one needs to ask us twice to throw on our pirate gear!

hARR's lookin' at you

yeah, there is no way this hat is staying on. 

avast, ahoy, aye aye!

what? not enough weapons, right?


The Pirates Green

i'm the pirate.  no, i'm the pirate.

mmm.  (this is after a banana, which she quickly realized wasn't a treat.  but before the candy, which caused her to realize that pretzels weren't treats either).

c'mon cam, just let me borrow one.

mom, i hear the snow cones are that way! 

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