Thursday, October 27, 2011

But Outside It's Stopped Raining: Playseum Cap Hill

[A preliminary side note -- no, you aren't losing it.  we do have a new 'do.  mom has been restyling all of us in preparation for winter and that includes our blog.]

We've been wary of hitting up the relatively new D.C. location of the Playseum simply because our trip to the Bethesda site did not score highly on anyone's scale (including cleanliness, accessibility, level of which it wore our a**es out).  But since Kane has started his recent regimen of crescendo night waking (starts out every 3 hours and works his way up to every 20 minutes around 4 a.m.), mom has decided that his afternoon naptime must decrease (but not cease.  she won't go there yet) and late afternoon activity must increase.  Plus it was raining.  So we hauled ourselves down to Capitol Hill (it's right off of 395, not a bad drive at all.  but, it was raining.  and this is D.C.) to check out the Playseum, which is having its last few days of $4 after 4 p.m. (currently only running for the month of October).  We got there with just 45 minutes left to play, but we made the most of it.  Plus it was almost empty -- only two other little girls were there.  So we basically had our run of the place.  This location is MUCH bigger, citified (includes a China Town and a courtroom), and has a "pirate ship" -- it's really just a bunch of little sandboxes in a room made to look like a pirate ship, but it did the trick for Kane.  And Kane got to use a nifty apple thingamabober (like this one) to peel, core and slice an apple.  Once the nice lady from the Playseum realized we weren't going to actually eat the apple, she let us feed it to the BUNNY RABBITS!  That was a real hit.  Also high on the list was the musical instruments for Kane and the kayak for me.  I don't know if this is something we'd do all that often (mom still thinks it could be claustrophobic with more kids in there), but we'd likely go back late afternoon to the Cap Hill outfit.

We are also much more likely to go back because there is a Matchbox a few doors down, which mom braved with us by herself for din.  Back in the day, mommy and daddy were frequenters of the China Town location because the sliders covered in onion straws are out of this world.  Unfortunately, so I was I by the point the sliders made it to our table.  I refused to eat anything.  In fact I refused to do anything other than wield my knife and practice my two new words "no" and "move."  Kane took to them like a champ, however, and had three before mom decided we needed to leave to avoid a major disaster.  It started out fun, though.  It had stopped raining and we sat outside, the waiter brought us pizza dough to play with, and I perfected my mad Miss America wave at all the peeps passing by.

We threw a b-day party for this monkey I jacked from the pirate ship.

giddy up.

I went all Townshend on that axe.

mom, we want a kayak.

no, seriously.  here i am using my new vocab skill of combining the words "no," "move," and "arggg."

Kane creepin'

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