Monday, October 10, 2011

Sky Rockets in Flight: National Air and Space Museum

Of all the Smithsonian museums, the National Air and Space Museum is probably the one at which we've spent the least amount of time.  It always seems too overwhelming and crowded for mom to handle both of us on her own (Cami really does not like spending lots of time in the stroller these days - especially if I get to get out and about) and is a field trip magnet.  But on a recent rainy weekend day we decided to hit it up -- at least we figured there wouldn't be as many field trips. We concentrated our efforts on two main exhibits:
(1) How Things Fly; and (2) Pioneers of Flight.  Both Cam and I loved the hands-on displays and the Cessna 150 interactive in How Things Fly -- we both waited fairly patiently in line for several turns in the Cessna.  And Pioneers in Flight had a giant staircase you could climb up to get a closer view of the planes. Or in our case, just to climb up and down repeatedly for 25 minutes.  Hey, whatever floats your boat.  And of course we hopped across the street to the Mitsitam Cafe at the American Indian Museum for lunch -- it is always CRAZY busy there, but the food is worth it.  There is certainly lots more to explore at the Air and Space Museum and I think the weekend might be the best bet for our next visit, too.

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