Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paint It, Black: Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

We really didn't get to participate in most of this project (except for the fact that we had our little grubby hands all over that pantry and kitchen wall necessitating the repainting in the first place), but we have been all over it since mom painted our pantry and a little bit of the kitchen with magnetic chalkboard paint.  This stuff really works!  The manufacturers recommend 1 gallon on a 100 square foot surface (slightly smaller than the area mom painted).  Mom did two coats and used about 1/2 the gallon.  It covered well, but she thinks another coat might amp up the magnetism just a bit.  We'll see.

Mom also used the wall to craft up a little art display solution.  She bought some inexpensive matted pictures at Ikea, tossed the pic, superglued some magnets on the back of the mat and BOOM instant magnetic frame for our artwork.  That way she can change out our ever growing art and display just a few things at a time.

AND it was all done in time for Kane's big pirate birthday party (more to come on that soon).  We love it!

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