Monday, October 17, 2011

Pop Life: Popcorn Painting

This craft just looks dreamy in pictures (other people's pictures).  In our real life, it didn't play out so hot.  To begin with, despite the fact that one of Kane's favorite snacks is popcorn (besides soft pretzels and peanuts), he wanted absolutely nothing to do with it on this craft day.  Who knows.  Maybe they had a tiff.  Maybe in an attempt to beat out soft pretzels and peanuts, popcorn voluntarily did the laundry, but left all the socks rolled together so we ended up with soggy, dirty socks.  All I know is that popcorn suddenly became the functional equivalent of mixed veggies.  And all those spring candy colored milky paints that you just want to bathe in?  They basically made our poor, already downtrodden popcorn shrivel right up the second we got any substantial amount on them.  So not only did it not look very cool, it wasn't even tasty anymore.  Not even Vegas would eat it.  Oh well.  Pop life, everybody can't be on top.

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