Friday, October 14, 2011

Absorbent ... and Porous is He: Paper Towel Painting

We have been hitting the arts and crafts hard lately.  With Kane in school in the morning and his late naps, there isn't much time to get out and about in the afternoon.  Plus, in case you haven't noticed, we apparently now live in Seattle.  Actually, it doesn't even rain this much in Seattle.  Mom knows, she used to live there. So we have been confined to the house a lot lately.  And mom has found lots of pinteresting little crafts for us to do, including this one she found on a new (to us) great blog that has tons of art projects for kids.  In fact, you can check out mom's Pinterest "Crafty Bastards" file here.  This turned out to be another favorite art project for me -- Kane likes to make holes in most things that he paints and he doused his paper towels with enough paint to rip them pretty easily.  I liked to paint the paper towel and the paper mom had taped under it.  Mom worked on a more tie-dyish version -- she is jonesin to get us tie dying again.  Ahhhh, summer.  Where did you go!?!

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