Monday, October 29, 2012

In Home Entertainment: Top 5 Minimal Supply Arts and Crafts

even mermaids need umbrellas for Sandy.

So while everyone else has been out buying water and toilet paper, mom's been buying up arts and craft supplies. If we are going to be in the house for the next three days, who can wipe their bottom with what will be the least of our problems. If you went the more traditional route, however, and are stuck inside looking for something else to do besides drink bottled water, try out one of our arts & crafts that require minimal supplies. Chances are you already have the things you need lying around! Stay dry!

1.  Applesauce Cinnamon Dough - this super yummy smelling "dough" requires only three ordinary household items: applesauce, cinnamon and a plastic baggie. And it's so easy to do you can do it in the dark if need be.

2.  Marker Tie Dyed Garland - you don't actually need to make a garland, but if you use some glitter, it might help reflect what little daylight it sounds like we'll have the next few days. And you'll have no use for coffee filters if the lights are out either!

3.  Apple Tree Stamping - we know everyone has been hitting the fall festivals hard and chances are you've got some extra apples about. Cut 'em, stamp 'em. That's about it.

4.  Bathtub Painting - this might not be a good one if you've filled your tub with backup water, but it'll work in a shower, too. This is a good one to save for when the kiddos are really starting to get restless. Everyone likes a little naked paint time.

5.  Tissue Paper Bottle Lights - save those flashlights for the real deal and make yourself some little bottle lights. What? You don't have mini fairy lights sitting around? Pshaw. A tea light will work with a little adult supervision, too.

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