Friday, October 19, 2012

Keep It Local: "Roy Lichtenstein: A Restrospective" at the National Gallery of Art

Mom and I played hookey from the pumpkin farm field trip with school this week (we're already a bit od'd on fall festivals) and went to the National Gallery of Art to check out the new Lichtenstein exhibit. WOW.

First off, it's ginormous - spanning two floors and includes more than 100 of his works. Second, the bright colors, bold symbols, and "comic book" style of much of his artwork is right in my wheelhouse. I told mom my favorite was the "superhero" painting (one of his "war" paintings entitled "Whaam"), but, I also spent a long time checking out some of the busts and asking mommy "who did that to those ladies?" (we have an ongoing discussion of whether or not statues were once alive). I was also obviously a big fan of his GW painting.

I'm really on the move these days (as you can see from the pictures below) - I don't slow down for much. But mom did get me to sit and look, for several minutes at a time, at a few of the paintings. I mean if you want me to sit still for art, art with superheroes is probably as close as you're gonna get. Unless I'm making the art, then I'll sit still for as long as you let me. I kept asking mom where I could do art at the museum, but no dice.

There is no photography allowed in the exhibit, but the Washington Post has a nice slideshow of it. The exhibit is at the National Gallery until January 13, 2013 and then it heads to London. We highly recommend it!

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