Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In Home Entertainment: Stained Glass Pumpkins

It was recently my family's turn to have Shabbat at school and I insisted on doing an art project. I really wanted to make something "spooky," but given that we were focusing more on the general fall season at school, mom steered me towards making pumpkins. I then said I wanted to make marbelized pumpkins, but mom thought trying to get 12 preschoolers marbling at one time was probably not a good idea. I've been "painting" with bleeding art tissue paper a lot lately, so mom thought we could do a take on our Hannukah stained glass project from last year.

Mom found an outline of a pumpkin online, altered the shading and gradients a bit, printed them onto black paper and cut them out. I tore up orange, red, yellow and green tissue paper and helped cut up contact paper and we were all set. We placed the tissue paper onto the sticky contact paper and then brushed over it with water, letting the colors swirl together. When it was dry, mom glued the pumpkin outline on top and cut around it.

We also made one on watercolor paper at home (by brushing the tissue paper on with diluted glue), which really gives more of a painted look, but doesn't let quite as much sunlight through. Both are pretty cool and my friends seemed to enjoy making them, too!

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