Monday, October 1, 2012

Keep It Local: Montpelier Family Farms Family Farm Park

This summer was a blast, but we're all quite happy that fall has arrived.  So we thought we'd kick it off properly with a fall festival at Montpelier Farms even before the pumpkins were ready to pick.  Well, actually, mom thought there were pumpkins.  But, fortunately, there were plenty of other fun fall activities available.  I was upset about the lack of pumpkins, but forgot all about the gourds when I got the chance to make a scarecrow!  The scarecrow making area was right next to the "football lounge," however, and I spent more time watching football while poor mom and dad made the scarecrow.  But Cami oversaw all the clothing choices and I helped mom draw on the face once he was all stuffed.

We spent some time in the kiddie corn maze and then some time in the real corn maze, where we did our best to shake mom and dad.  We rode tractor big wheels and raced rubber duckies (a pirate and a princess, obvi).  And you know we ate up some caramel corn.

It was our first trip to this particular farm and mom and dad seemed to appreciate the low-keyness of it.  Although pumpkins are now ripe for the picking, so it might be a different story.  But, it was just as fun as some of the larger (and more crowded) festivals.  Check it out!

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