Monday, October 22, 2012

Keep It Local: Pause and Play at the National Museum of American History

We've been so slammed this fall that we've been incredibly blog deficient. And, in keeping with that, we'd like to report on a super cool pop-up play gallery at the National Museum of American History that, well, closed yesterday. Awesome! Super helpful, we know. We have a complaint box, which also needs to get taken out, so chances are your complaint might sit around for awhile.

We stumbled upon the pause and play gallery a few weeks ago after zooming through our favorites at the museum and setting out to look for Kermit. Turns out they put him in a "pause and play" gallery for kids on the first floor. There was a wide variety of hands-on activities for kids, including drawing your own superhero or graffiti and building legos. And they had the REAL Superman costume, which was KNIT. Who knew?

Oh well. We went. It was cool. Keep your eyes peeled for more! 

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