Friday, June 1, 2012

You're My Butterfly: Butterfly Squish Paintings

A few weeks ago, it was Kane's turn to lead Shabbat at school and because they were learning about metamorphosis, mom thought a simple butterfly craft would be a fun thing to do.  She planned to do squish butterfly paintings -- she printed this template onto cardstock, cut them out, and pre-folded them down the middle.  Unfortunately, Kane's playground time ran late and there wasn't time to do the craft (given that she had just cut out about 20 butterflies, mom wasn't thrilled.  but then she got to watch Kane lead Shabbat and she couldn't have cared less about the butterflies).  Kane wasn't into it when he got home either, but I LOVED it.  I patiently dotted paint on the paper, squished them, and opened for a surprise!  We love using our BioColor for squish paintings because the colors don't mix.  Now, what should we do with all of those butteflies?

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