Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I am a Simple Goat: Chevre Brownies

We're not sure why we used the recent heat wave to stay inside and bake (other than the fact that we've been inside a lot more than normal), but we're not complaining.  During one of Cam's naps, mom and I whipped up some super easy chevre brownies using TJ's boxed brownie mix, which is technically low fat (but not when you use TJ's full fat cream vanilla yogurt in place of the low fat vanilla yogurt it calls for).  Cam and I both love goat cheese and mom stocks up on 3 or 4 kinds of it on her monthly TJ run (sliced goat cheese, goat cheese cream cheese, goat cheese minis, and goat cheese logs).  Cam loves it mixed with avocado and spread on bread.  In fact, if we could find a non-disgusting way to combine goat cheese, avocado and brownies, we'd do it.  These avocado egg-cups are topping our cooking to-do  (you know we're gonna schmear some goat cheese on them, too).

We followed this recipe from Pink Apron, including mixing in a little bit of honey into the chevre (although we didn't add the powdered sugar).  OMG.  These did not last long in our house.

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