Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Just a Boy With a New Haircut: Kidville Bethesda

In our house, haircuts really aren't fun for anyone.  Mommy's hair appointments last HOURS, which means she goes incredibly infrequently and instead of relaxing while there, she frets about whether daddy can manage lunch and dinner for us on his own.  Daddy can never find the right stylist for his 'do.  I don't like to get my head wet or have my ears touched.  And, well, Cami has never had one.  But my curls were starting to get in my eyes and my head was getting HOT.  Some friends of ours told us about Kidville in Bethesda and we decided to check it out.  Mom talked it up all week so that even Cami was insisting on getting her hair cut (which sparked a whole other problem because mom is not ready for that yet).  We schlepped it up to B-town one morning (btw, Bethesdanites, stop insisting that Bethesda is close to DC.  It may technically be geographically close, but no matter the time of day or route we take up there, it takes at least 45 minutes.  That is not close.  Your suburb is lovely, but it is not close) and parked in the nearby garage -- Kidville is located right near the big Barnes & Noble and all the restaurants on Bethesda Avenue.  We hit up B&N first so we could each pick out our post-cut present, which proved to be a bit challenging.  Mom was not aware of the extensive kids section at that B&N and had to throw down a "no toys" rule -- we could pick a book or a puzzle, but not a toy.

Selections set aside, we headed over for the cuts.  We opened the doors and Cam started screaming.  Apparently she thought we were going to the dr's office.  Slightly traumatic for Cami, but that solved one of mom's problems.  That left just me.  And I had a BLAST  -- we are in no way being compensated by Kidville, but we'll take a free cut any time!  I picked the fire truck chair and hopped up.  Ms. Chrissy dialed up some Thomas on the t.v. and went to town.  I didn't protest once.  There were bubbles and toys and lollipops thrown in there, too.  And Ms. Chrissy even let mommy know that she cuts adult hair (clearly it's time for mom to hit up the salon).  After my cut, which turned out great, we headed right back over to B&N for our puzzles (although I think it's kind of BS that Cam still got a puzzle for no haircut, I have since jacked said puzzle, so all is forgiven).  We'll be back when Cam's Rapunzel locks are finally ready!

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