Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Alright. Nobody Worry 'Bout Me: Watkins Regional Park

Mom wanted to have some good 'ol fashion fun on her birthday last week and to try out something new with us.  And a little mini golf fit the bill.  Not wanting to put all her eggs in one basket, we decided to go to Watkins Regional Park, a veritable mecca of toddler activities.  Seriously, this place has it all.  Like miniature trains?  Done.  Carousel your thing?  Got it.  Animals?  There's a farm.  Nature center?  Check.  Playground?  Do you really have to ask?

And we did almost all of it.  Most of the activities open at 10 a.m., so we got there just before.  The golf, train, carousel and farm are all located right off parking lot and next to the bathrooms and a snack bar.  We bought our tickets for golf and the train first -- mom wasn't sure for how long we'd last.  By pure stroke of luck, I got a green golf ball and Cam got a purple one.  We got our clubs (green and pink, respectively) and hit the green.  Now I'm not going to say that I have the most classic technique, but man I am effective.  And would you believe that I got a hole-in-one on the last hole?  Truly.  No cheating at all.  Cam mostly treated the course as a playground, but that was fine, too.

Next up was a little miniature train ride (we're pros now after our tours at Cabin John and Wheaton Regional Parks) -- this one takes you through the woods and Old Maryland Farm, which was awesome.  And we had front row seats.  Which meant that we got a clear shot of the antique carousel and the mermaid pony on it.  Well, that sealed it for Cami -- she's obsessed with the Dora mermaid episode and now mermaids more generally (mom is trying to steer her toward the latter as we have all had it with Dora).  We bought our tickets for the carousel and I even cooperated to let Cam have her pick.  And we both shocked mom with wanting to ride it by ourselves!  Well, mom stood by us, but we wouldn't let her hold us on (it was a nice, slow ride).

And, no lie, we were both still being well behaved enough to get to go to the farm next! Bunny rabbits, chickens, PEACOCKS, pigs, sheep, horsies, and cows (BABY COW, screamed Cami).  It was a pretty fabulous little farm.  On the way out we spotted hay rides, but mom knew that if there was a time when it would all go to H, it would be on the middle of a hay ride.  So, we saved that for next time.  We have to go back for the nature center, too.  It was a pretty awesome little morning.

my hole-in-one

peacocks are pretty dope 

Cam thought this duck was hilarious

Tina, eat.  Food. 

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Linda said...

One of our all-time favorites! Looks/sounds like you guys had a blast there, too. :)