Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cool It Now: Tropical Water Table Play

Oh hello, summer.  We thought we'd hang on a bit longer without you, but you have once again dropped it like it's hot.  Can't get us down.  Oh no.  Sand, shells, water, ice, tropical flowers, water beads.  Naked Barbies.  Take that, hyperthermic heat index.

digging for treasure.

Barbie hair wash.

Kane's summer Mummer strut.

wash Cam's hair, too.


Emily said...

Looks like great fun! So creative. By the way, the salon I took my daughter to for the pedicure was Diana Nails in Shirlington. Wouldn't highly recommend - not super kid friendly. If you're looking for somewhere specifically for your daughter try Dollin' it Up in Old Town! Otherwise, Nail Expo at the intersection of King and Quaker has kiddie chairs and they do a nice job. :)

Kane and Cameron said...

Thanks, Emily. We're going to check them out!