Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Sun: Pop-Up Stained Glass

Our new outdoor acrylic easels just might turn out to be the biggest hit of our summer.  We love them because we naked art with them, we take our time by alternating making art and playing with our water/sand table, and, well, we naked art with them.  Mom loves them because they are easy to use in our minimal outdoor space and the "pop-up" nature of a lot of the art we create with them allows for easy clean up and minimizes the amount of artwork piling up in our house.  And we've all been a little bit under the weather this week, so they've come in handy to get us outside without requiring a significant undertaking.

One afternoon we gathered up our scraps of bleeding tissue paper and made some temporary "stained glass" on the easels simply by brushing on the tissue paper with water.  Kane seemed interested and wanted to dip the paper in water and stick it on that way, but he was still wasn't feeling great and bowed out early.  I took turns "painting" with mom and playing with my new dora and boots mermaids (i think i'm getting the hang of this potty training negotiating).  It looked so pretty with the summer sun shining through it as we worked on it.  And when we were all done, it just dried up and brushed right off.  Easy peasy temporary art.

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