Monday, June 4, 2012

Diamonds Are Forever: Diamond Jubilee Party

Hope you're having a jolly jubilee!  We had our own little low-key jubilee party this past weekend with a good buddy of ours (also of British heritage).  To get things started right, mom took me shopping to the British goodies store in Clarendon, VA.  Fortunately all the sweets and crisps were right at my level and mom gave me free reign to dump whatever I wanted into the shopping basket (which is why, it turns out, we ended up with a lot of Irish goodies).  We also picked up some Robinson's orange squash drink, which was super yummy (mommy put some champagne in hers and seemed to like that quite a lot).  Mom refused to buy me the hot pink "tobacco pipe" that I begged for, though.  Not cool, mom.

We made jubilee cupcakes and had all sorts of sweets.  And a little bit of fruit, too.  We brewed some peach tea (which may not be the most British tea ever, but mom thought the kiddos might like it -- Kane seemed to).  We set everything out with the paper cutouts we "made" last week.

Besides running around after my buddy screaming "mine, mine, mine" and throwing tantrums left and right, I sat with daddy and put together the London bus craft mom had set up.  She found this cute one  and decided to have us make smaller versions.  First, mom covered Peter Rabbit Organics squeezey fruit boxes with red construction paper (using Aleene's Tacky Glue Spray, which worked fabulously).  She then gave that a coat of red BioColor to pump up the color a bit.  She gave each of us a ziploc with pre-cut out windows, a bus door, wheels, etc. and then we used a glue stick to put it together.  Well, I did.  Kane was playing in his room by himself after hoarding and downing a ton of sweets.  And my buddy's mom put one together, too.  We don't usually do cookie-cutter crafts, but mom thought this would be fun.  I liked to use the glue stick, but mom helped me put the pieces on the bus.  Since the bottom of the box opens and closes, mom is thinking about cutting a slit in the top of it and using it as a "piggy bank."  Want to make your own?  Links to Discount School Supplies are below!

Mom also printed out some London images onto blank shrinky paper and had Sharpies available to color them.  Kane and I colored a little bit, but mom hasn't shrunk them yet.  It sounded cute, but she's is still trying to figure out what to do with them.  Hang them in the window maybe?  Links to supplies are also below.  We had no problem printing on these directly on our printer and mom thinks some kind of photo shrinky project might be in order (sort of like this).

All in all, a nice way to celebrate.  Want to join in the fun?  Send a message to the Queen!  Click this link on the official Jubilee website and wish her congrats!

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"oy, i'm on my seventh biscuit"

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