Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Be a Jubilee: British Paper Cutouts

We are super psyched to celebrate the upcoming Diamond Jubilee for a few reasons: (1) our grandpa D-Rock is British (although we like to "forget" to tell people that and watch their faces when they try to understand him speak); (2) daddy has spent a lot of time in London over the years and we all harbor a small obsession with the city; and (3) well, we love any excuse to party.  We're planning on having our own jubilee party this weekend, but to kick things off this week, mom purchased these super cute paper cutouts from Happy Thought.

It took mom a little time, but she print, cut out and assembled them during Cam's nap (we recommend a sturdy cardstock and a little tape to help hold them together.  in fact, mom said she wished she'd laminated them first.  oh well).  I couldn't wait for Cam to get up from nap -- I wanted at those babies immediately.  I had several story lines going -- the "old queen" was going to jail, the new one was marrying the "beefeater," and eventually I moved them all to a smaller table and built them homes with some see-through blocks we have.  And I decided that Spiderman must be British because if "you ignored his blue legs," his upper body (the red and black lines) looked just like the British flag.  Cam played with them for a little bit when she woke up, but they weren't quite sturdy enough for her play.  And, lucky mom, they've spawned a new game for me: "mom, tell me what else came from London? and what else?  and what else?"

i kept undoing the notches holding together my guys and would ask mom for tape.  she kept fake fixing them because she thought it was hysterical every time i called out "we have a beefeater emergency!" and asked her to fix them.

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