Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall: National Cathedral Flower Mart

We know that it's probably not all that helpful to post about the National Cathedral's Flower Mart now, since it's over for the year.  But hey, put it on your list for next year.  Mom and I actually didn't know much about it, but Aunt Carrie was taking Cousin Jack, so you know I HAD to be there -- I love me some Jackie.  And it seemed like a good thing to do on our one girls day out for the week.  After a healthy, but full of screaming, second-year check up last Friday morning, mom and I made a quick escape up to the National Cathedral and then proceeded to look for parking for about 30 minutes.  If you live at all within walking distance, DO NOT DRIVE.  We eventually found a semi-legal spot and grabbed it.

None of our family has actually ever even been to the National Cathedral (blasphemy, we know) and the grounds and cathedral itself are really just beautiful.  But, much more importantly, the Flower Mart had CORN DOGS.  And Jack already had one when we met up with him.  I got mine straight away and we had a good old time, cheers'ing our dogs and jumping around laughing.  Unfortunately, a storm blew in quickly and Jackie had to hightail our brand new baby cousin out of there.  I donned my best quivering lip sad face and kept repeating "bye bye Jack" over and over again.  Until mom bought me some veggie fried rice and chicken on a stick.  I cheered right up and we sat outside, but under cover of the cathedral, and ate the rest of our lunch.

We did a quick tour of the cathedral inside, which I tried to lengthen by insisting on sitting in a pew and checking out some hymnals.  Mom didn't even have to tell me they were song books - I started singing "lalalalalalalala Elmo's world" right away (and not quietly).  Mom decided that would be a good point to head back outside and we did some shopping for a bit.  There was actually an entire kids area, too.  But a lot of the stuff was a bit old for me -- games, rides, etc.  And by the time we made it over to the super cool vintage carousel, the rain was starting to threaten again, so we boogeyed.  All in all, a nice little girls day.

where's jack?  i wore my flower romper just for you! 

jack! and corn dogs! 

jack, hand.

perfect place for peak-a-boo


hey snail

i'm going to need that necklace you've got on.


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