Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Street Spirit: Look Both Ways: Street Art Across America

The Kennedy Center's weeklong festival of street arts was so fabulous that we feel like we have to post on it even though it's now over.  We are seriously crossing our fingers that they do something like this again!  Mom and I didn't make it to see a performance until last Friday when we caught The Red Trouser Show and Midnight Circus at Farragut Square.  I was a little cautious at first, but mom thought The Red Trouser Show was hysterical and loved the way they cajoled all the business people out for an innocent lunch from a food truck to participate in the show.  My favorite was the rope artist in Midnight Circus -- I was pretending all day to twist and dance just like her.

We had such a blast that we made sure to drag Kane and daddy to the grand finale at The Yards Park down on the SE waterfront (which is already a total favorite of ours - check out our previous posts on the park here and here) on Saturday.  It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day and we got there before 12 because we really wanted to check out the first performance of The Red Trouser Show.  We were a bit bummed when we got there because, due to low numbers of people, they'd shifted the schedule around a little bit (and we ended up missing the red pants guys).  But we were able to catch Midnight Circus, Swami Yomahami, Mutts Gone Nuts (rescue doggies doing tricks!), some of the Saw Lady, and even participated in a parade with Nana Projects.  There was a sidewalk chalk art festival, but somehow we totally missed it.

I think by far our favorite thing was still swimming in the fountains -- it was HOT.  And of course we hit up the food trucks (grilled brie and apples for us from Big Cheese, yummy Indian food from Rolls on Rolls for mommy and daddy, and, of course, delish cheesecake from That Cheesecake Truck.  want to track the trucks?  check out foodtruckfiesta -- it's frequently what we use to plan our outings!).  It was such a super cool event and all FREE.  Go Kennedy Center.

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