Thursday, May 31, 2012

Holy Mackerel Batman!: Macomb Park

Macomb Park is one of our frequent go-to playgrounds, so why exactly we haven't posted on it before, we have no idea (surely it's mom's fault).  In fact, the pictures below are from several weeks ago (if not months).  It's not big and it's not particularly fancy, but we think it has a little something for everyone (except water play, which might move it to the bottom of our list this HOT week):  a train, a treehouse, a climbing wall, hills, and some of that new fangled playground equipment that we can never quite figure out.  On this particular trip I found a buddy and was even sharing my superheroes, but said buddy got territorial over his little sister and then my little sister got in on it, too.  Never a dull moment at the playground.

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