Monday, May 7, 2012

Let Down and Hangin' Around: Jello Pop FAIL

Sometimes we know ahead of time that one of our projects is likely not going to work out.  Sometimes we remain blissfully clueless 'till the end.  This little culinary project fell into the latter category.  Mom clearly had not thought it through - like at all.  But we got in our minds one day to try and make jello popsicles.  We thought, "how simple!"  Make jello (we used the quick method, which may have contributed to their literal downfall), pour into popsicle molds, and refrigerate.  We had great fun mixing them up, pouring them in, and were even relatively patient in waiting for them.

Then mom went to take them out of their molds.  Little tap, little jiggle.  Nothing.  She ran a knife around the inside of the mold.  And it came out, but it wasn't pretty.  Fortunately, they still tasted delish, so we didn't much mind.  And we've concluded that this fail is probably, in fact most definitely, dad's fault somehow.  Years ago when daddy was a bartender, he lost one of his bartending gigs for subpar jello shots.  Guess it's just in our genes.

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