Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Got Five On It: Cinco de Mayo Pottery

Mom is still in arts and crafts recovery after my second birthday party (you can see below that most of the decorations are still up!), but with Cinco de Mayo coming up this weekend, we pulled it together to make some (very) loosely Mexican-inspired pottery.  We found what looked to be a relatively easy recipe for making clay -- here's what you'll need:

- 4 cups flour
- 1 cup salt
- about 1 3/4 cups water (you'll likely need to add more when working with the clay)

Combine the flour and salt.  Then slowly add in water while stirring.  Shape into whatever you like.  Then cook pottery pieces at 200 F for 10 - 20 minutes (NOTE: we ended up cooking ours for several hours, leaving them out over night, and then putting them back in the oven the next day --- and they still weren't completely dry).  

After mom mixed the clay up, she told us we were going to try and make two different kinds of bowls -- pinch bowls and coiled bowls.  Kane said "um.  no, i'm going to make volcanoes.  pirate volcanoes."  Mom at least convinced him to make a pirate ship, which sort of resembles an oblong bowl.  But he then insisted on making a "pirate island" and some small "dinghies."  I helped mom make some coils for the coiled pots, but I really wasn't that into it.  

But we were both much more into painting the pottery once it had FINALLY dried.  Mom gave us red, green and white BioColor paint to use -- we were trying to keep it somewhat related to Cinco de Mayo.  I asked mom for pink paint about 7,000 times, but she didn't cave.  Once I realized that I was stuck with the colors I had, I actually really got into it.  And I spent much more time painting carefully, holding the pieces in my left hand and painting with my right, than I do when we just paint on paper.  Kane painted his pirate ship and made a hole for the mast.  The island got a nice coat of green paint and he painted water swirling around it on the table.

We're letting the paint dry a bit more and then mom plans to give them a good coat of Mod Podge (btw, have you seen this blog devoted entirely to crafting with Mod Podge? awesome).

These aren't the prettiest pieces of pottery we've ever seen, but we had fun and it was our first foray into clay.  I have a feeling we'll be trying out some new recipes, too -- we had a hard time getting this to dry (although a lot of that probably had to do with our construction) and it's pretty lumpy.  Oh well, hopefully daddy will still put one on his desk as a Cinco de Mayo paperclip holder!

Want to give them a go yourself?  Scroll to the bottom for links to BioColor and Mod Podge at Discount School Supply!

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no, not going to roll it into a ball to make a bowl.  i'm making an island.

try a little fingerpainting first.

the Cinco de Mayo pirate ship.


these colors will go with everything, right?

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Catoctin Mountain Mama said...

Thanks so much for sharing all the great ideas you've collected. I can't wait to start doing some of them with my daughter in a few more months. Glad to hear about you becoming an affiliate, you've definitely been helping keep Discount School Supply in business!

Kane and Cameron said...

Hope you all have fun and share your projects, too!