Monday, June 11, 2012

Light My Fire: Fire Station 1 Restaurant & Brewing Co.

We were so psyched to go to Fire Station 1 Restaurant & Brewing Co. in Silver Spring, MD.  We'd heard it was the coolest place to take kids to eat.  And what could be better than eating in a real fire station with a real fire truck out front?  Lots of things apparently.  Not to be debbie downers, but the food was awful.  Even the mac & cheese.  And while there were a few neat things for kids to see, you can't go in the real fire truck.  We try not to complain just for the sake of complaining -- there is enough negativity going around.  The staff was very nice, but seeing as we hear this place recommended so often as a "go-to" restaurant for kids, we felt the need to share our experience.  Not worth the trip! 

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