Monday, March 2, 2015

(Still) Winter in Rock Creek

Yes, technically we posted winter at our Rock Creek spot already. But that was when it still seemed like it should be cold and snowy. Not this Narnian Age of Winter business. I mean, at the risk of joining all the complaining folk, what the H!? We did decide to take advantage of the frozen tundra we now call home to snap some pics in Rock Creek that actually look more like proper winter. All the snow and ice actually prevented us from getting us to our usual spot, but we were just about .5 mile upstream. I had a really difficult time keeping these two a comfortable-for-me distance from the frozen choppy creek, but we all made it. Cam insisted on pretending she was a snow leopard, crawling around and eating snow. Kane decided snow leopards play fetch, so he threw sticks for her. A close range coordinated snow ball fight rounded things out. Perhaps we'll head out today to capture what our spot looks like post-ice storm. 

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