Monday, March 23, 2015

Bath Games with Munchkin!

Oh we can't even tell you how HAPPY we are that the weather has taken a turn for the warm(ish) out here in D.C. It was a loooooong winter -- filled with lots of indoor activities of which our kids were getting a little tired. And that even goes for bathtime! Fortunately for us, our good friends over at Munchkin just sent over some new bath toys for us to check out. We put our heads together and came up with three fun games to play in the tub -- the kids had such a good time that they refused to get out. Check 'em out and change up your nighttime (or inside play) routine!

An old standby for our crew and the simplest of our three games, we used Munchkin's Bath Crayons to sketch out a game board right on the tile. Instead of Xs and Os (they always argue over who gets to be what!), the kids each picked a color of Foam Bath Learning tiles and used those to mark a spot. Cam is in a big "there are no winners!" phase, so we had lots of ties.

Letter Matching Memory
We then used the Foam Bath Learning tiles to square up a modified game of the classic. I went through the tiles without the kids watching and picked twelve different tiles that contained six pairs of words with matching first letters (e.g., Fish and Frog, Rose and Ring, etc.). I placed them face down on the bathroom wall and each kiddo took a turn secretly peeking at two tiles. If they matched, they won the pair. If not, they had to remember the location and try to pair up another set on the next turn.

They put their winning sets on their own "scoreboard," where they'd written out their names using Munchkin's Letters and Numbers set. Kane reveled in his "win," while Cameron continued to insist that there was no winning.

Who Am I?!
Our most favorite game, however, was our version of "Who Am I?!" Both kids love playing charades, so I knew this would be a big hit. We scrambled the tiles from our memory game, added a few new ones, and then made another "face down" grid of tiles. The first player picked a tile, and without looking at it, placed it photo/word up onto their forehead (they stick when wet!). The other players then had to describe the tile's object without saying the actual word. For example, the kids told me "it has fur and whiskers" and "you really don't like this animal" when I had the tile of a cat stuck to my forehead. It was hysterical to listen to their different clues!

I might not be a fan of cats, but I love that Munchkin's bath toys work so well for many different ages and, with a little imagination, are really versatile. The kids are now intent on coming up with new games using the same toys. Stay tuned!

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