Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Day in the Life (March 2015)

March 12th was a total odd day. I woke up and got a run in, hauling myself back up 16th Street just as the sun came up. The kids started out the day in a great mood. And then we got good news. And then bad news. And then more good news. Just one of those days. In between was all typical stuff. Except that we got a last minute call for sweet Wizards tix, so I kind of lost track of photographing at some point. Check out (most) of our Thursday and then see how No Monsters in My Bed's day fared!

6.15 am -- new running shoes await. I love getting new shoes, but hate breaking them in. They feel like I'm running with marshmallows strapped to my feet.

7.30 am -- the kids are so happy that our family eating/art + craft/hangout table is in. Cam gets some arting time in before school.

8.00 am -- we are running late for school, but I had to stop and grab a picture of the sun still on its way up.

9.15 am -- I continue to explore new ways across town using Rock Creek Park. I ran into the Park Police on the way home from taking Cam to school.

10.30 am -- I have an office in the new house, but it's still full of boxes. Plus, I love working in front of the fire and in the morning light. So I set up for a few hours of writing in the living room.

11.45 am -- a brief break to get chili started for Thursday's dinner. Even though the kids wouldn't eat all these ingredients in any other combination, they are obsessed with chili and even eat it full of spinach.

12.45 pm -- I run out to get the mail and laugh at all the forms of transportation the kids have already amassed out front. A month ago they couldn't go outside by themselves, now they've fully embraced the new neighborhood.

1.45 pm -- I do a quick clean-up of the kids' rooms and find Cam's "desk" she created at her side table. She sets up a photo book as her "laptop" and sits on her gold pouf to "work." She also appears to have inherited my habit of leaving multiple water glasses bedside.

2.45 pm -- the kale chip monster strikes for after school snack.

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