Monday, March 16, 2015

Cameron's Favorite Spring Looks

I've just decided that it's going to be spring. I put away the winter coats, broke out my spring flats, and that's that. It was a loooong winter and we're all sick of our cold-weather clothes. Our fall looks posts (Cam's and Kane's) went over big, but I never bothered doing winter posts because their fall clothes generally function as their winter wardrobes too -- just with added sweaters, snow boots, etc. But we've all got the spring shopping itch! Here's what's topping Cam's spring looks list.

Boho Rock -- Cam loves spring dresses and sandals. She's be wearing them around the house for months. She likes boho with a little bit of an edge, and has her eye on a few different leather jackets. I think we'll go faux for this almost-five-year-old! 

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Glam Cam -- she's been shoving her feet into too-small-for-her flats for months. Time for some new bright babies. 

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Beach Day -- it might still be a little chilly, but Cam is jonesin' for a beach day. Instead we go swimming in the tub. But we're ready! 

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