Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kane's Favorite Spring Looks

Cam had her chance to share spring faves last week, but Kane is still a fabulous shopper too. His taste hasn't changed much since the fall, though -- he is holding strong on his favorite three looks and green remains a dominant color in his wardrobe, which he works in wherever he can. He'd still dress up every day if I let him, but seeing as he is a messy artist/playgrounder/etc., I try to limit the formal wear to outside of school hours.

Everyday Brights -- This is Kane's go-to look. And he's still a big, big fan of stripes. He likes shorts, but only on the long side. Like if I would just cut off his skinny jeans at the knees, he'd be happy.

Dressy Prep -- Kane caught on to the fact that he was wearing his "fancy" clothes with gym shoes, so we invested in a few pairs of dress shoes recently. Green, of course. He's also really taken to sunglasses, which is just fine with me.

one | two | three | four | five

Weekend Casual -- Kane has been trying a ton of different sports and so he likes to look "sporty." But, at the same time, he really isn't in to wearing team-related gear. He likes soft and comfy for the weekend. He also recently tried on one of his dad's jersey hats and was obsessed with it. I think it kept his curls out of his face, which is insanely adorable.

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