Monday, January 26, 2015

Winter in Rock Creek Park

Grey, grey, grey. It's one of my absolute most favorite colors. But, man. I'm sick of grey winter already. The sun popped out for about an hour last week and warmed things up -- in fact, it melted all the snow that had fallen the previous day. So we didn't actually get any snow into our "winter" trip to our best spot in Rock Creek Park (see fall posts here and here). But you can still tell it's winter. The bare trees. The dark, cold water. It just looks quiet. Well, at least until we got there.

But there was still lots of life popping up. Deer tracks. Moss on the rocks. Seashells, which we've never found before. And we stayed until it started to really get dark -- building rock forts, making thrones adorned with the shells, and throwing big round boulder after boulder into the churning water. Our spot is good any time of the year, I tell you.

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