Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NYC's High Line in Winter

It'd been over a year since we'd visited one of my most favorite places in Manhattan: the High Line. Our last visit was during the scorching summer heat, so I was excited to see what a difference the seasonal timing made. While Kane ventured to the top of the Empire State building with his Uncle Steve (as a holiday present, their fabulous uncle takes each of them on a special date to a place they'd love. Cam got to go to tea at the Plaza this year and Kane suited up to take a trip to one of his architectural interests), we took Cameron to walk the High Line on chilly Christmas Day.

It was packed, but still a beautiful way to stretch your legs and get a rest from the buzzing city. Although, having had her fill of walking the city, Cam insisted we take turns carrying her on our shoulders or piggy back. She took her second piggy back nap of the trip when I hoisted her up -- such a funny lady. There was still a lot of vegetation for the season, I thought. But with less greenery, the art and beautiful design of the Line itself stood out so much more.

We met up with Aunt Veronica, Kane and Uncle Steve, had lunch at the always fabulous Old Homestead Steakhouse, and then rounded out our visit with one last jaunt around Central Park. 'Til next trip, NYC!

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