Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keep It Local: Strawberry Picking at Shlagel Farms

As we've both started spending longer days in school, and our weekends have started to fill up with scheduled activities, we have had less time to venture out for full-day jaunts. So we were all quite happy to take advantage of a recent day off of school to hit the fields for strawberry picking. At that time, Shlagel Farms was the only spot with berries, so that's where we headed to meet up with some school buddies.

It was an overcast day and it started to rain on the drive there. And we were both cranky. But we didn't care at all about the spitting sky when we got out hands on a berry basket. We picked $30 of berries in about 10 minutes. And the rain eventually hit the road, giving us some great time to play on the playground and sand pile. We took a little break to visit some chickens and have our picnic lunch (plenty of picnic tables are available), and then resumed our reign over the sand pile (there were a few turf wars with other kiddos, but all in all, we kept it together).

We've had strawberries at almost every meal since: strawberry smoothies, strawberries and goat cheese sandwiches on sourdough bread (drizzle a little balsamic, yum), chocolate covered strawberries, strawberries on cereal, strawberry salad, and on and on. And we've got a nice frozen stash too.

Shlagel Farms was perfect picking for us -- low key with a few extra activities available. If you're jonesin for berries, you might also want to check out KidFriendly DC's in-depth coverage of the 2013 strawberry picking season.

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