Friday, May 3, 2013

Keep It Local: Dumbarton Oaks Gardens and the Cloud Terrace

Dumbarton Oaks has been on our list for some time, but it doesn't open until 2 p.m. And until recently, 2 p.m. was my naptime. And then it wasn't. But Kane or I are usually in school until just before that time and after a full morning of school, afternoon outings can be dicey. So we recently took advantage of a day off from school to go see the modern art installation, Cloud Terrace, that we read about on No Monsters in My Bed. Holy cow. It was fantastic.

We recently finished reading The Secret Garden and I am generally into all things sparkly, so you can imagine that this was pretty much total bliss for me. There was plenty of room to roam and jump (although the crowd there tends to be on the more civilized side, so we had to check ourselves just a tad) and I played pretend princess while mom and Kane found nooks and crannies to hole up and read Magic Treehouse Mummies in the Morning, which only fueled our imagination to solve mysteries and look for treasure all over the grounds. There was a lot of spinning and twirling going on. A lot.

It was a gorgeous day and we never made it inside to check out the museum. The whole place is very Great Gatsby -- right down to the pool. We kept ourselves thoroughly entertained in the gardens and mom had to drag us home for dinner. We suggest arriving slightly before the gates open -- it got pretty crowded quickly and although it's a large space, it was nice to have certain areas all to ourselves for a bit.

The Cloud Terrace art installation will be on display until May 19th -- you should definitely go and spend some time lounging under the twinkling crystals!

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