Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keep It Local: The New Elephant House at the National Zoo

We know, we know. We haven't had a good balance of local trips vs. art project posts lately, but after a winter spent inside, all we want to do is get out and explore. We recently accidentally spent one of the busiest days of the year at the zoo (a day the zoo throws a fab shindig celebrating Easter Monday) checking out the newly renovated elephant house. It wasn't a great day to do that -- the zoo was totally slammed with people for the holiday -- but we still had a good time seeing the pachyderms' new digs.

The elephants were all out in the yard, although we could see a few roaming in the back, but if you can catch them inside, you'll get a nice up and close view. We enjoyed the new educational resources (how much poop do elephants poop a day? A LOT), weighing ourselves on the elephant scale, and reading about the personalities of elephants currently at the zoo. When we'd had our fill of being inside, we hopped on down to the outdoor viewing area to eat our picnic lunch (it's our favorite spot to do dine at the zoo). It's a great addition to the zoo and we look forward to visiting again on a less busy day! (So, realistically, next fall. when it gets cold again.)

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they eat all this in one day. and over to the right? they poop all that. 

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