Friday, May 24, 2013

Go Shorty, It's Your Birthday: A Pop Art Balloon Dog Birthday

Technically, this is our blog. We take turns sharing our adventures and art projects. Miscellaneous madness. Etc. You know the drill. But every now and then, we throw mom a bone. She's been doing some more party styling and graphic design lately and seeing as we're both refusing to wear our knockoff summer water shoes (how dare she!), we figured we'd try and help mom supplement our footwear fund and let her share a super cute party she just did for a few buddies of ours. If for some reason she starts trying to hog our domain, you can bet we'll kick her on over to a separate party blog. But, for now, party animal on. 

Mom's friend Jill asked for some help in putting together a joint birthday party for her two kiddos. Jill had already booked some fabulous entertainment (a balloon artist and our "movement" teacher from school) and secured a party room at one of our local rec centers. It's a great space. But it's a big empty box, essentially. With high ceilings to boot. They kicked around some ideas for an animal themed party, but when Jill decided on a super cute electronic invite with balloon dogs, they knew they had to go with that. Incidentally, mom has been eyeing up a mini gold Jeff Koons balloon dog statue for Cam for a while, so this was a temporary fix for that obsession too. 

They decided to do a backdrop for the main food table as the focal point, including color coordinating streamers, oversized tasseled balloons (mom came up with that idea, but Jill executed it flawlessly and now mom has an additional obsession with tasseled balloons), and a sweet birthday banner mom made incorporating a really fabulous pop art balloon dog print. Jill handled all of the food (mom made a few food labels) and made super cute balloon cookies for a simple "goody," which she put in glassine bags closed with a coordinating dog sticker mom made. And they scattered several more oversized tasseled balloons around the room, which helped decorate some of the otherwise unreachable empty space (they couldn't hang anything from the ceilings). 

Mom loved it all so much, she decided to make a coordinating invitation. Doneskis. The invitation, banners and food labels are all up in her Etsy shop. Now if she could only persuade one of us to have a balloon dog party ....

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