Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fly Away: Memorial Day Weekend at the Jersey Shore

Summer took its time getting to D.C., but when we had a few hot days last week, we couldn't wait to get to our beach. We spend lots of time at our Nona's house in the summer (well, the two of us, mom and vegas do. dad spends it working in the hot city. poor daddy) and Memorial Day always signals the true return to our most favorite place in the world: the Jersey Shore. All JWow jokes aside, our barrier island home away from home is the best of the best. As Nona is fond of saying: "if you are lucky enough to be at the beach, you're lucky enough." True that.

Now of course as soon as we showed up "down the Shore" (technically its "up the Shore" for us, but we like to roll Philly-style), the weather turned cold and rainy. Didn't stop us much, though. We hit up the beach for at least a little bit every day. The water temperatures hovered right around the low 50s, but Kane and I were unstoppable -- even in our clothes the first day, we both went right in the drink. Kane and Veg took to fanatical digging and I fostered a new love of jumping the waves (thanks Grandpa D-Rock!). And we built epic sandcastle knight fortresses and prisons and dug grottos filled with sand crabs. The new outdoor shower (thanks, Sandy) was tops and everyone fought over a turn in the sunfiltered steambath wonderfulness of an after-the-beach shower.

We got down to Wildwood Crest to see our cousins, Green's Bikes and hit up the Wildwood boardwalk (even some rides this time!) like it was going out of style. Mack's pizza, quality cousin time and a surrey ride. Can't beat that. And to send our Jersey gastronomical adventures into overdrive, we celebrated Memorial Day at the Brigantine Elks Clam Bake -- steamers, crab cakes, corn on the cob. Funnel cake of course. Top all that off with some live honkey tonk, an Elvis impersonator, and the Philly Fanatic?! No contest.

It was a fabulous (albeit slightly chilly and rainy) way to get the summer started!

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