Thursday, May 9, 2013

Keep It Local: Passport DC's Around the World Embassy Tour

It's no secret that our crew likes a good party. So how the party that is Passport DC's Around the World Embassy Tour escaped us in the past, we have no idea. Passport DC is a month-long celebration of international programs and events around the city. During the Around the World tour, more than 40 embassies let in the public to check out the digs, sample delicious food and drink, and learn about local art and music. Yes, the lines are long for the most popular embassies. BUT they did a good job of moving people through, entertaining folks on line, and well, rewarding you with free food and booze once you made it in the door. If you have babies that will sleep in a carrier, you'd be just fine. And if you have toddlers who get antsy, try going post-afternoon nap next time. The tour closes at 4 p.m. and around 3:30, lines really dwindled. You could hit up a few right before closing.

We didn't make it until late in the afternoon ourselves and we were able to check out Chile, Peru, Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Khazakhstan. Sadly we didn't make it to Nicaragua, which looked like a serious party. Next year, Nicaragua. Next year.

If you missed the embassy tour last weekend, don't fret! The EU embassies are opening their doors this weekend PLUS there are a TON of family friendly events all month long (click here for the specific list).

in the Chilean Ambassador's office. you know, just eating a Chilean apple.

making myself at home in the Chilean Embassy.

you give us a balloon, we love you for life.

outside Trinidad and Tobago. 


mom and dad let us sample soda pop from Peru. when I asked whether we were now allowed to have pop, mom said "sure, the next time you are in Peru, you can have pop. It's a Peru-only drink grant."

Khazhak warriors! 

Trinidad and Tobago Carnivale gear. now we know from where the Philly Mummers Fancy Brigades pull their inspiration.

Khazakhistan Embassy

Cam wants a yurt now.

getting tatted in Australia.

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