Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This Ish is Bananas

We have literally been making new batches of popsicles every other day.  With this heat, we've been eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  This week we made an interesting combo -- not our favorite, but we still chowed them anyway -- greek yogurt blended with cantaloupe and layered with pureed blueberries.  One would think that the super sweet 'lope would blend in well with the yogurt, but it really didn't.  For a second batch this week mom added some bananas to the leftover yogurt/'lope mixture and that sweetened it right back up.  Oh -- one little thing thing to keep in mind when shoveling popsicles full of fruit into your kids all day, you might experience a marked increase in"poop in the tub" incidents.  When we had three within 24 hours, including the night of the dreaded "double deuce" (I'm still blaming both on Cami), mom made us lay off the popsicles for a bit.  Fortunately, we're all back off the wagon now.

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